Holistic Therapy

We offer a range of holistic therapies and our aim is to encourage the overall well being of clients and complement conventional medical treatment. Our Therapists are all qualified to at least Diploma level in Anatomy and Physiology and are fully trained in the Therapies offered. We have a fully insured and members of a Professional Body.

Treatments currently offered are:

Stress Massage
(Back, neck and shoulder or Full Body)
A relaxing and invigorating Treatment, Stress Massage uses a combination of gentle effleurage techniques to stimulate circulation and firmer pressures to encourage the breakdown of tension and toxins.

Indian Head Massage
This treatment is based upon ancient Ayurvedic Practises from South Asia. Indian Head Massage can be performed fully clothed where appropriate making it an ideal treatment for "on site" massage at an employee's desk e.g. call centre and office environments. Indian Head Massage can be used to treat a variety of stress related problems particularly headaches and tension.

An ancient practice based on the belief that all the reflex points in the hands and feet correspond to different parts of the body, reflexology combines firm pressures with a massage of the hands and feet. Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment and is, therefore, suitable for all age groups.

A full medical history is ALWAYS taken before treatments commence. All information given is treated with the strictest confidence. Some treatments are not suitable for all conditions. If you have an ongoing condition or are receiving medical treatment your G.P. or treating Specialist may be contacted for their permission. To make an appointment or for more information about our Holistic Therapy Service Please Contact: referral@universalsupport.co.uk.

We have the right holistic therapy practitioners and methods in the industry.